8 Beautiful Models of Moldings and Designs for the Ceiling of Your Room

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The decoration of the surroundings of a house involves several steps so that the place is warm and welcoming. Not to mention beauty and style, which can be achieved with small changes in each environment, but that makes a great difference in the whole of the work.

And this can be seen by combining the colors of the walls with furniture, the use of decorative objects (pictures, vases, and mirrors), the placement of glass tablets in the kitchen, and also the use of decorative plaster.

And speaking of plaster, this can be used in several rooms of the house, such as rooms and bedrooms, and thereby ensure more elegance and give that special touch in the decoration. But what provides the best finish of the plaster is undoubtedly a good placement of crown molding, which guarantees the perfect detail, especially for your living room and a beautiful decoration to the ceiling.

The crown molding is used at the time of finishing and can be made simply, where only the relief of the piece is preserved, or it can be decorative, where lights are placed around it, which guarantee perfect room lighting. Not to mention that the headlamp illumination can be designed to make the environment more pleasing to the eye, which makes the living room more cozy to watch a movie at the end of the night, or even for a good read.


Varied models of decorated ceilings

With this we separate in this article some models of moldings, to help you in the ideal choice for your room. It is worth remembering that for a good placement of plaster in your home it is recommended to hire a specialized team, and that already has a long experience of the market.


Ceiling # 01 Virtual island in the room

The beautiful low ceiling that creates a virtual wooden island to accommodate the dining area:

Beautiful Models of Moldings and Designs for the Ceiling of Your Room
Virtual island in the room


Ceiling # 02 Brightness and life

Bright plaster ceiling with scattered lighting points and metal accents. The ceiling along with glass windows create the perfect ambiance for this living room area.

Beautiful Models of Moldings and Designs for the Ceiling of Your Room
Brightness and life


Ceiling # 03 Unmissable

Dramatic decorated ceiling design, a recessed plaster ceiling, with a beautiful central panel illuminated in shades of yellow. The design promises this home an inimitable interior.

living room ceiling design
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