Can Bed Bugs Live in Electronics?

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Can Bed Bugs Live in Electronics? – It is not necessary to get rid of your TV or any electronics. Bed bugs may hide during the day in televisions, computers, remote controls or other sensitive electronics that cannot be treated with steam, heat or insecticides without risking damage. These items can be treated effectively however in conjunction with traditional pest control treatment with Vikane gas fumigant which eliminates the need to search for and repeatedly treat the many hiding places. Vikane “finds” the bed bugs by penetrating into all cracks, crevices and other spaces in furniture and any other hiding places — yes, even into sensitive electronics.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Electronics
can bed bugs hide in electronics

Once the fumigant has been held in place long enough to ensure control, it is released. (This is done under containment outside of your apartment).

Vikane completely dissipates to leave no surface residue, odor or film behind. Household items, including clothes, linens, dishes, cooking utensils and toys do not need to be washed after the fumigation. Vikane doesn’t damage electronics, antiques or sensitive fabrics which make it a viable option in conjunction with the treatment of your apartment. It is an option you may want to consider.

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