Chigger Bites vs Bed Bug Bites

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Chigger Bites vs Bed Bug Bites – Both chiggers and bedbugs bite humans and leave purple, itchy bumps on your pores and skin, but it’s about where the similarities end. The blood bedbugs suck out of you feeds their existence, while chiggers make a fatal mistake when they chew people. The taxonomy, habitats, length and breeding behavior of mattress bugs and chiggers have stark differences.

Chigger Bites vs Bed Bug Bites
Chigger Bites vs Bed Bug Bites


Larvae that pop out of eggs laid by way of a female mite of the Trombiculidae own family are referred to as chiggers. They may be the primary existence stage of grownup mites in that own family. While chiggers themselves are parasitic, the own family of mites isn’t always taken into consideration as such, due to the fact later bureaucracy haven’t any parasitic qualities. Bedbugs come from the cimicid family of bugs. Bedbugs check with the adult and nymph levels of the species. In each stage, bedbugs are parasitic.


Chiggers require the tissue fluids of sure animals, including birds, rodents, and lizards, to provide them with nutrients so that you can molt into nymphs and adults. Alabama cooperative extension machine factors out that nymphs and adults do not require hosts — they consume insects and arthropod eggs. In spite of their penchant for biting human beings, chiggers would in all likelihood as an alternative no longer achieve this. Because of the human frame’s reaction to chigger bites, the larvae generally die soon after latching on. Bedbugs are a complete one-of-a-kind tale. Not like chiggers, they require blood, instead of tissue fluids, to live on. In keeping with the national pest management affiliation, bedbugs engorge themselves on human blood within five to ten mins — chiggers take in to four days to engorge — after which continue to withdraw and cover for kind of five to 10 days. Whilst bedbugs commonly banquet at some stage in the night time whilst someone’s snoozing, they can also come out and feed all through the day.


Chiggers prefer the amazing exterior as their domestic. The tiny larvae hold out in thickets, open meadows and different areas in which tall grass and flora are gift. Additionally they experience dampness. These habitats hide them perfectly, enabling them to latch onto the animals whose tissue fluids they require to continue to exist. In contrast, bedbugs live interior, usually in dark nooks and crannies and areas that area them near their next meal. Examples consist of mattresses, container springs, mattress frames, baseboards and even wallpaper.


Chiggers are tiny little things, to the music of 1/one hundred fifty of an inch in diameter and 1/50 of an inch in length. They may be now not invisible, but you usually won’t see them in an overgrowth of grass and shrubs. Bedbugs are not huge through any means, however they are giants in evaluation to chiggers, coming in at 1 / 4-inch in duration. Chiggers tackle a red colour. Bed insects look rusty brown with a slight tinge of red. Bed insects are oval in shape, whilst chiggers in large part resemble spiders. Each have six legs.


Chiggers, due to the fact they’re larvae, do no longer reproduce. After they molt into adults, males and females mate, the female lays eggs — often in small clusters — inside the spring and chiggers hatch. Mating in bedbugs normally happens after feeding. According to the ny state included pest control application, a woman can lay five to seven eggs according to week and up to 500 in her lifetime. The nymphs that hatch feed five instances, molting after every meal into a bigger, greater mature degree. After the fifth molt, they grow to be adults.

Prevention and elimination

Averting where chiggers have a tendency to congregate — tall grass, meadows, damp areas close to rivers — or wearing long pants and shirts in case you do pass with the aid of the ones regions is the great way to save you the parasites. The university of missouri extension indicates your mowing your grass regularly and trimming or disposing of shrubs and weeds. For bedbugs, maintain your bags and clothes on baggage racks and appearance in regions the bugs typically cover for evidence of an infestation whilst traveling. If they may be gift, you’ll probably see their feces, which appear to be dark dots, or shell casings. Avoid buying 2d-hand furniture. If you observe an infestation in your house, name a pest manage expert.

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