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Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect child’s room should look like. In addition to the spatial characteristics, the child’s personal preferences should always be taken into account when decorating it; after all, it is the place where the children spend their time. Children feel especially at ease and satisfied when your room is cozy and reflects your personality. But of course, you must let your imagination fly when decorating a child’s room. Do not forget that you must gather certain functional aspects beyond the aesthetic side. We will thus reveal some tips to decorate the child’s room by combining all aspects and making the right choices. To find out which elements should be taken into account in the perspective of turning the child’s room into your children’s favorite dream place.


Ideas and inspiration for children’s rooms

Colorful, cozy and simple: in our space Children’s rooms there are numerous ideas and inspirations to decorate rooms for children, for all tastes. From the moment you look at a kid’s room that you appreciate with a single click, you can add the photo to your idea book. Idea books are a repository of inspiration. At any time you can add or delete photos and manually change your order. Also, text fields that are predefined in idea books allow you to include personal comments to your favorite projects. Idea books already created are automatically saved to your profile – so your ideas about children’s rooms will always be available.


How can I decorate a nursery?

As children grow, their needs also evolve, so it is necessary to distinguish when it is a room for a baby, a child or a teenager. It is true that creativity when decorating children’s bedrooms is key, but the room decor should be quite flexible. A hint for inspiration in children’s rooms: the best ideas are suggested by the children themselves because when they have the opportunity to participate in the design of their bedroom, there is a greater empathy with it – unless you are choosing a crib for one drink. For example, you can print on curtains or cushions, designs made by them so that they can admire their little works of art and appreciate more the decoration of their space.


The order in the child’s room

The storage space is an important aspect, in order to be able to guarantee order permanently. Before planning, the location of toys, dolls or school supplies should be carefully considered so that they occupy less space and are within reach of children. In rooms for teenagers, although we do not have this problem, the storage space is still very important. Above all, it is essential that the child’s room is flexible enough that it can move from a playroom to a meeting space for young people without much effort. With overlapping boxes and drawers, you can quickly create a storage space, because these can be placed either inside cabinets or simply shelter under shelves, being well within reach of children. In rooms of small children,


How should a baby’s room be?

The first room of a baby will always be more special for the mother and father than for the newborn. Although in the early days your baby sleeps in your room, it is convenient in the near future to start sleeping naps in his room and which will be his nest of comfort in the following years. It is natural that the most adopted colors are always rosy or light blue, but other uni-sex colors are super trendy and can also create totally loved and special environment. Light yellow and light gray are great options.

What is the most suitable room for my child?

Pink or sky blue? The decorating project for children’s rooms should not be limited to these two colors! There are a large number of ideas for children’s rooms that excite both boys and girls. It can be inspired by the child’s preferences, such as his favorite game, cartoon, ballet or football, but the decor must always be consistent and not overdone. Do you like to play knights, pirates or princesses? The possibilities for decoration are endless.


How can I decorate a child’s room?

It is hardly possible to see more children’s room than with fitting accessories. Not only do they give the finishing touch, but they can also change the overall look of the room – and only with a little effort. In general, the decorative elements are more easily replaceable than the furniture, because they can be changed according to the preferences of the moment of the children. If we are not sure that our children will maintain interest for a long time, we can opt for basic furniture and decorate with accessories that can be replaced without many difficulties such as toys, cushions or curtains with patterns that are related to their activities favorites.


How to decorate my teenage son’s bedroom?

Adolescence is always a less good phase. Whether they are boys or girls always go through a less positive phase. They become better and consider themselves masters of their nose as soon as they reach adolescence. Still, they are not, they go there, but until they have a head and are completely responsible still takes a good bit. Of course, this phase does not touch all children in the same way, but we still tell you what the perfect teenage room should look like. Let them choose the main theme but everything else will have to be thought out and planned out for two – you and him. Explain that arranging and having things always in the right place will make you happy as a mother and it will be easier always to find what you are looking for much more easily.


What furniture should I choose for the children’s room?

There is furniture that may be of great importance to a nursery, but they are no longer useful in an older child’s room. You have to think double about how much you can invest. Fortunately, there is also furniture that grows with children. If, for example, buying a height-adjustable desk, it can also be used when the child becomes a teenager. In addition to a Scalextric car track or the Barbie house, most children also want a special bed. From the high bed equipped as a playground, through a four-poster bed or even a bed in the form of a racing car: imagination has no limits.


Comfort in the children’s room

Pastel colors, fabrics with textures and cheerful color patterns – make space a comfortable and intimate place, which will always be ultimately a matter of personal taste. While plush cushions can be neglected during adolescence, they are most appreciated among the little ones. Especially when they begin to crawl, soft and soft fabrics are welcome in decorative objects. The suggestive ideas on our page demonstrate how to turn a child’s room into a cozy corner for our children. There is no doubt that space, where you can read picture books, play board games or dream adventures with friends, is always welcome at any age. For example,


How to decorate the walls of a child’s room?

In no other room of the house, the color of the wallpaper plays such an important role as in the rooms of the youngsters/children. While in the room we are allowed to be more conservative, children should be in their little empire surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. For infants we recommend the use of painted wallpaper with comic book heroes or fairytale motifs; for boys, geometric or multicolored stripes and for teenagers, a photo mural of your dream city, your favorite football stadium or a concert of your favorite band.


How can one influence the personality of the child?

A good way to achieve this is to give older children more freedom and let them choose the color of the wall, carpet, and some furniture. Although the spatial distribution of children’s room depends essentially on us when they are smaller, they can also decide on this aspect. Even if your ideas are not always approved, we must take them into account so that we can help develop their individual character and personality.

Tips on how to decorate a child’s bedroom

Easily decorate: Before you begin to order children’s furniture, change wallpaper or put a new flooring on the floor, you have to be well aware of how you plan to distribute the space. Which area should radiate comfort, what is the best space to play and which is the most suitable to do the homework? A child not only needs to know the limits well in education but also in his room. If from the beginning the zones are separated from each other, the functions play out naturally, especially when children, with toys in sight, always have the reward for the work in mind.


Children’s rooms for boys

Children's rooms - Photos, Inspiration and Design

Boys like the adventures of pirates and knights, their favorite athletes: all childhood idols have to do with the movement and the force they convey. So there are many ways to properly decorate a child’s bedroom. In any case, they must master their favorite colors – mostly blue or green. By putting the banner of your favorite football club on the wall or a basketball hoop over the door, we will be supporting the child’s interests and ensuring that you feel permanently comfortable in your little kingdom. If your interests change over the years, we should be prepared for more ambitious requests and begin to think where to put the music battery.


Children’s rooms for girls

Children's rooms - Photos, Inspiration and Design

For girls, the trend is for lighter colors. It does not always have to be a pink princess room, because there are also many girls who like the color red, especially at a young age. A sky over the bed or cloud-shaped cushions support this dream picture they desire. Later, when the dolls are replaced by posters of your favorite band, it is time to make one more renewal. While toys are the protagonists during the early years, in adolescence there should be enough room for clothes. When changing the priorities, the option assumed at the beginning or preferably using shelves and cabinets, remains. What are the most popular styles for children’s rooms?


Children’s Rooms in Country Style

Children's rooms - Photos, Inspiration and Design

Chess pillows, cream colors on the wall and rattan or wicker furniture – the country style conveys, above all, comfort. The most important element of this classic style is wood, no doubt. From the bed to the wardrobe – the wood cannot be missing in a country-style child’s room. Regarding decoration, the small details play an important role: putting loops on curtains or curtains, are just a few examples.


Minimalist style children’s rooms

Children's rooms - Photos, Inspiration and Design

Right lines and simple colors. In minimalist style, children’s bedrooms furniture should be reduced to essentials. True to the motto ‘less is more, it is advisable to separate the old and spoiled toys from the rest and keep them tidy and stored in boxes. Storage space is very important in children’s minimalist style rooms – the more integrated and functional it is, the easier it is to maintain order for longer.


Children’s Rooms in an Eclectic Style

Children's rooms - Photos, Inspiration and Design

If we want to satisfy our children’s wishes, an eclectic child’s room is the perfect solution. As for colors, shapes, and patterns, the imagination has no limits. Instead of a regular bed, you can make a bed in the form of a boat or race car and equip it with a ramp or cover to make it a cave of thieves. To decorate children’s rooms we must be very creative! Only what we please – the more colorful and extravagant, the better!


Scandinavian style children’s rooms

Children's rooms - Photos, Inspiration and Design

The Scandinavian – style children’s bedrooms are mainly marked by white and gray tones, as well as geometric shapes and the use of wood. Although delicate patterns and soft colors in fabrics and decorative elements can act as expressive elements, several patterns or colors should never be combined with each other. To preserve the simplicity and still highlight some points of the room, light bulbs can be placed comfortable, but whiter.

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