Cleaning Lawn Mower Air Filter, Very Easy !!!

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Cleaning Lawn Mower Air Filter – Need to know how to clean an air filter on a lawn mower? I will show you how it only depends on your air filter is the type of paper or the type sponge foam, I will cover both in this article.

Cleaning Lawn Mower Air Filter


How to Cleaning Lawn Mower Air Filter


  1. If you have the type of sponge filter, what I do to clean what is rinsing it with gasoline to get all the used oil out, make sure to wear gloves, then dowse in the new oil, then wring it out to get all the excess oil from
  2. If you have a paper type filter, which I likewise have, I rinsed with soap under running water
  3. This will give it some extended life, make sure to air dry thoroughly; you can also use a hair dryer to dry faster, hold it to a light bulb and look through it, is there light coming through it? If you can see the light, then air can get through too


Tips and Warnings

Wear gloves when dealing with gasoline, you can get nitrile gloves, if you do not have, you can always put Ziploc bags in your hands, heavier, but it works


More Tips

The cleaning of the air filter is a straightforward maintenance operation of the mower, it increases the performance and prolongs the life of your mower. In general, the foam filter should be cleaned every 20/30 hours of use depending on the model. Replacing the paper air filter once a season or after 300 hours of operation on average depending on the mower and the engine. In dusty conditions, extra frequent cleaning and replacement may be needed more quickly, depending on the circumstances and condition of your filter.

  1. Stop lawn mower engine and wait until all moving parts to stop.
  2. Unplug the spark plug wire on your mower’s engine.
  3. Remove the air filter cover.
  4. Clean with compressed air, water.
  5. Remove the old paper filter.
  6. Insert the new air filter.
  7. Replace the air filter cover.
  8. Reconnect the spark plug wire

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