How to Get Rid of a Woodpecker

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How to Get Rid of a Woodpecker – Woodpeckers can be a nuisance when patter wood siding of your home. Besides the annoying noise, a perforation may cause significant and costly damage. There are a variety of solutions to get rid of a persistent woodpecker. Some solutions depend on the time of year and the possible reason why the woodpecker chose your house to drill. If it is spring, he may be trying to impress a potential partner, or building a nest. If it is winter, shortage of other food sources may be why he trying to prove your siding. Correct the situation as soon as you notice a woodpecker targeting your home.

How to Get Rid of a Woodpecker
How to Get Rid of a Woodpecker


How to Get Rid of a Woodpecker


  1. Inspect your siding looking for insects. Carpenter bees, termites and other pests wood excavators making their homes attract woodpeckers. Hire a pest control company to get rid of insects.
  2. Seduce woodpeckers away from home putting, several meters away, a bird feeder with lard. Keep it well stocked in the fall, winter, and spring, when the birds are hungrier. Remove the feeder in the summer because the hot weather makes lard sticky and can stick to the feathers of birds. Planting nuts, fruit trees or shrubs can also attract woodpeckers away from your home.
  3. Hang the foil strips or repellent tape birds in the house where the woodpecker is ringing. Attach one end of the strip and let the other swinging freely. The gleaming aluminum sun repels birds. Hang reflective windsocks, windmills or toy fans also work.
  4. Place a plastic owl or other bird of prey in the eaves of the house to scare away the birds. Move to a different location of days woodpeckers do not get used to it.
  5. Play a recording of a woodpecker calling for help with the Raptor recording intermittently near the local favorite Woodpecker. Gardening stores sell selections such recording.
  6. Install a motion sensor that triggers noise when activated to scare away the birds.
  7. Cover the bottom of the eaves with nets to keep out of woodpeckers and other birds. Use networks specifically designed to repel birds, it is less likely that the woodpeckers get stuck in it. Leave at least 7.5 cm between the network and the surface of the house.
  8. Cover holes and corners of the eaves with aluminum rails to keep the birds away. Paint matching the siding.


Tips & Warnings

  • If the woodpecker has a nest in your home that contains eggs or young, do not seal the entry hole until the chicks leave the nest. This usually happens in the summer. Do not use any deterrent method meantime. After the chicks leave you can seal the hole and take steps to scare away the birds.
  • Installing fences than wood will not attract woodpeckers.
  • Do not kill the birds. At least they serve to eat the insects of the area.
  • Avoid repellents of birds that use sticky substances. This substance can stick to the pen and interfere with their flight and insulating capacity. It can also stain your home and attract dirt.
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