Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Wood Floor

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The floor is one of the leading choices of House, and wood is one of the favorite options. But, before applying a coating is necessary to think in various aspects before applying a coat – from the aesthetic to the care and maintenance. With that in mind, we talked to Mark Ducati, national sales manager of Indusparquet, and assemble a complete guide of the wooden floor.

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Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Wood Floor

The types of floor

“There are many species of wood that are used in the manufacture of flooring, the most common are oak, cumaru, sucupira, ipê, jatobá, muiracatiara peanuts, with tuari wood, cabreúva, amêndola, guaiuvira, ivory, peroba, and teak,” explains Marks.

According to him, there are five main types of floors:

  • Massif, composed of whole strips of solid wood;
  • Multistrato, consisting of small crossed sticks of softwood species selected by color. This technique ensures stability at the base of the floor, avoiding the opening of cracks and warping.
  • Multiestruturado, with a structure composed of Blades, turned tropical timber and reforestation crossed each other as a base. This structure is coated with a cover of good wood, and varnish layers and application receives from aluminum oxide. In it, the resistance is high, and protection and brightness are higher.
  • Multi-laminated, which is based on a structure composed of Blades turned tropical timber, and reforestation crossed each other, coated with a cover of noble wood less thick (not allows revival).
    Deck, solid and fully recommended for external areas.


How to choose

Just as there are various species of wood, the options are many and some products have certain variations in size, thickness, width, application, and even manufacturing.

“To choose the best type and size is necessary, first of all, consider whether the product will be in all environments or in just some spaces. Pay attention on the question of the movement of persons and the area that will receive the floor has daily contact with water“, Marcos recommends.

“The choice can be made with respect to hardness of each species. If it\’s a high traffic area is indicated a darker floor, Sucupira, for example. However, the only product recommended for wet areas and outside is the deck, because it has more resistance to water and wide circulation “, he adds.

At the time of choice, it\’s worth the rule: the more clear wood, softer. The darker, harder.

Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Wood Floor


Bathroom, kitchen and outside are environments that require greater care with the coating, especially when it comes to wood. “As the wooden floors should not be washed, because excess moisture affect the appearance and durability of the product, we do not recommend to these environments”, advises Mark.

In outer areas, the deck is the only indication.

Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Wood Floor


During cleaning the hardwood floors, prefer a soft-bristled broom or a cloth slightly moistened. Cleaning can be done daily, but the coat must never be waxed. “The maintenance of decks will depend on the type of finish. When the oil every three months. If the finish is in the varnish, every six months, “indicates Mark.

As for durability, a floor care should last from 20 to 30 years. Also ask about the options of revitalization and scraping, that can be done (depending on the type and manufacturer) before a replacement.

“We recommend that you always leave a carpet at the entrance to prevent the dirt on your shoes scratch the floor, avoid wheelie chairs, bags and drag furniture,” he says. Indusparquet also recommends, in order to ensure a longer durability, using products of the brands Skania and Blanchon.

Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Wood Floor

Fungi and bacteria

“The treatment and adequate drying of wood in manufacturing eliminate animal attack xilófagos. However, once installed, if there are fungi mainly because of moisture, the rules are beginning to take off, the lighter Woods are dark and small holes can be noticed on the ground, “explains marks. To avoid the appearance of fungi, bacteria and other, remember to never wax the hardwood floors. When it comes to the deck, he should never be covered with plastic or with any product that does not allow the floor to breathe.

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