How to Build a Handrail for Outdoor Steps

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How to Build a Handrail for Outdoor Steps – Whether your outdoor steps are concrete or wooden, offering a handrail provides protection and may be required by your native codes. This method will be for steps coming off a wood deck among posts. A few handrail techniques can be very tricky with balusters and ornamentally adorns. Once you have based the top handrail as defined here, you can only add these other items.

How to Build a Handrail for Outdoor Steps
Handrail for Outdoor Steps

How to Build a Handrail for Outdoor Steps

Step 1

Using the submit hole digger, dig two holes at least 18-inches deep liable to in entrance on each end of the last step. These holes should be perpendicular to the existing posts on the strolling deck and be both spaced from those posts. Use the framing sq. Laid in line with the upper submit, the long side projected toward the last step indicating proper alignment with an upper post.

Step 2

Stand a 5-foot long, four x four inch submit in each hole. Blend water and the concrete in the bucket to the consistency of toothpaste. Rigorously pour about half of the contents into each hole containing the wood publish. Use the four-foot stages to stand the posts completely vertical in each instruction so that the posts are in line and parallel with the present upper seats. Do not continue till the concrete has set, always the subsequent day.

Step 3

Lay the handrail fabric on top of the stairs so that the handrail is along the upper and customize posts. Place the attitude divider on top of the handrail. Slide it down to the personalize submit and expand the metallic arm outward to fit the vertical publish. This will establish the mindset of the stairs. Thrives the set attitude divider to the upper submit and once more lay the position divider on the rail to examine the two posts. If the attitude is the same, you will not need the 2d position divider. If it is not the same, use the 2nd divider to establish the mindset of the upper submit. Set the handrail and attitude divider(s) apart for destiny use.

Step 4

Degree up from the prime edge of the lowest step 35 inches and mark the submit on the outermost edge. Repeat this step at the upper publishes from the strolling deck. This will establish a parallel peak for the handrail. Lay the speed sq. on the submit and move that mark to the other side of the publish. Repeat for the other side of the stairs.

Step 5

Using the acceptable mindset divider, mark the same mind-set onto the submit on each side being cautious not to thrives the attitude. Set the round noticed to its private surroundings. Cut through the present on those lines leaving the top of the submit with the perspective exposed.

Step 6

Lay the handrail on top of the newly cut posts so that the handrail extends a couple of inches colossal the posts. Manually modify the placement so that the edges have equivalent spacing all round. Comfy the handrail with 5 3- inch deck screws into each post.

Step 7

Set the speed sq. on the handrail a few inches significant the publish and draw sq. A line. Place the mindset divider on the speed sq. And note the mindset that its initiatives on the compass diploma settings. Modify the table on the round noticed to the mindset famous on the speed sq. And cut the line. Repeat on the upper publish and the other side of the stair system.

Step 8

Sand the handrail to dispose of any splintering and roughness.

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