How to Cook the Potato in the Microwave Oven

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How to cook the potato in the microwave oven – Yes, I know, we’re going to die in excruciating pain if we cook in the microwave. Personally, as I think it is necessary to die of something, I am, serve a lot to warm up, not too much to cook. I just take the precaution of not using plastic packaging and favoring good old glass-type Pyrex dishes.

That being said, we’re going to talk about potatoes in the microwave.

How to Cook the Potato in the Microwave Oven

First, you have to choose the right variety

Microwave cooking approaches steam cooking, so it is preferred for the potatoes “steam, potatoes”, for a whole tasting or in salad-As for example, Annabelle, Amandine, Cherie, Gourmandine … If you wish to make a puree, use potatoes “oven, purée” that you will purée after cooking: Agata, Monalisa, Caesar, are delicious varieties of puree but there are so many others …


For a successful baking:

With a micro-microwavable bag. This pouch contains potatoes of the same caliber to ensure a homogeneous cooking. It allows reproducing a steam cooking in a few minutes at maximum power. No need to peel before feasting. Personally, it’s not my thing. I think it’s moderately ecological (hum), and as I told you above, I don’t like the plastic in the kitchen too much.
In a classic dish: whole or cut into dice or quarters, place your potatoes in a suitable dish with a water bottom. Cover the dish with a microwave special food film. Cook at maximum power for 7 to 12 minutes (depending on the size of the potatoes and quantity), checking if necessary cooking with the tip of a knife. Let it sit a little before removing the film: it’s hot!


The advantages of microwave cooking


It’s easy. Whether you use a micro-microwavable or a microwave-safe dish, you don’t need to boil water or preheat the oven.
It’s fast. In 7 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the potatoes, it’s ready! Similarly, to gain several minutes of the cooking of sautéed potatoes, you can bake them in the microwave before making them brown to the frying pan.
No need for fat.
The potato contains up to 80% water. This is what allows it here to cook naturally, without the additive. Of course, for a gourmet touch, you can, according to your desire, add a hazelnut of butter or some fresh cream to your potatoes after cooking.
Is there any left? Microwave baked potatoes Keep two to three days in a hermetically refrigerated box to be tasted cold, in the salad, with a drizzle of olive oil, fresh herbs (parsley, chives …), onion, salmon, tomatoes …


Express Ideas How to Cook the Potato in the Microwave Oven:

Potato Baker Way. To cook a beautiful “oven, purée” as in the traditional oven, prick it all over its surface without peeling it, then place it in a suitable dish with a water bottom and covered with a food film. Cook at maximum power 10 to 15 minutes depending on its size. Use the “crisp” function of the oven from 30 seconds to 1 minute for a roasted effect – not forgetting to remove the film beforehand! Serve with fresh herbed cream and a salad.
Easy mash. You can make a tasty mash without having to boil your potatoes “oven, purée”. Adjust the cooking time according to the size and quantity of potatoes. Ideally, peel them and cut them in dice before disposing of them in a dish with a water bottom. When cooked, pass them through the vegetable mill or crush them with the fork. Add a bit of fresh cream, grated nutmeg and serve well hot.
Stuffed potatoes. Divide several finely sized potatoes into a dish in half. Add a water bottom and cover before cooking at maximum power 10 to 15 minutes. When the potatoes are cooked, out them partially with a Parisian spoon. Add grated cheese (cheddar, county, Emmenthal, Bleu D Auvergne …), pre-cooked bacon or vegetable dice (zucchini, carrot, pepper …) before continuing cooking 2 to 3 minutes. The trick: just before adding the topping, give a grilled look to your potatoes using a kitchen torch, as for the crème Brulee.

Video How to Cook the Potato in the Microwave Oven

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