How to Make Blackberry Seedlings

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Black mulberry is very easy to multiply seedlings (mulberry propagation). Through the cutting method, (clones of the mother plant).

How to Make Blackberry Seedlings
How to Make Blackberry Seedlings
  • Prepare the candies (plastic bags with fertile soil or substrate).
  • Choose a healthy mulberry tree, with abundant and sweet fruits.
  • Cut branches approximately 30 cm long and about an inch in diameter (i.e.: a little thicker than the little finger).
  • Pick the mulberry tree stakes into plastic bags (burying them approximately halfway through, note that: the part of the stem that should be buried (for rooting), should be the underside of the branch in which it was cut) the rest will remain exposed for budding.
  • Place the candies in a place with half shade (maybe under trees).
  • Keep the daily watering, the place with a lot of humidity, but without water.
  • Wait for the cuttings to sprout (about 2 to 3 months).
  • Only after the seedlings are well branched should they be transplanted in definitive places.

Medicinal and therapeutic properties of blackberry.

Rich in vitamin A and C.

Natural astringent: By allowing the tissues to contract, it helps to combat inflammation in the mouth, throat, intestines, and genitals.

Powerful anti-diarrheal: This is how the leaves, shoots, and roots of mulberry trees are used as a treatment for diarrhea and dysentery.

Anti-aging property: blackberry has a high content of antioxidants. These are not limited to protecting the heart. They have a beneficial action on our entire organism, thus reducing the effects of time on our body, preserving all our organs against the passage of time. Antioxidants are highly beneficial for our metabolism.

Stimulating properties: protects the nervous system, and this because it improves the functioning of our brain. This feature has already been evidenced in several scientific studies. Eating blackberries helps to maintain balance, memory, and motor coordination.

Prevention of urinary infections. In this case, the flowers of the plant are used, which are extremely diuretic and facilitate the elimination of urine, thus allowing the treatment of the urinary tract.

Sore throat: Blackberry juice is also particularly recommended for those suffering from sore throat, hoarseness, inflammation of the vocal cords, gums, thrush, or tonsillitis, as we have already seen. In this case, for the effect to be perfect, the best thing is to drink the hot blackberry juice with a little honey.


The benefits all associated with blackberry are evidently due to its highly nutritious composition. The blackberry thus contains a high percentage of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and folic acid. Low calorie, it is an ingredient to include in our diet so that we can enjoy all the benefits and live our life better.

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