How to Remove Candle Wax from Jar

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How to Remove Candle Wax from Jar – When you finish a candle, it can remain wax at the bottom and you may also want to reuse the pot or wax. Also, it is necessary to remove the wax but not in any way to be able to recover the container without scratch or trace made by scraping too hard. Here are some techniques that work.

How to Remove Candle Wax from Jar

How to Remove Candle Wax from Jar

The technique of boiling water

  1. Prepare boiling water.
  2. Pour this water into the container to melt the wax.
  3. Allow 3 or 4 hours for the water to take effect and take off well the residues (sometimes a quarter of an hour of pause will suffice, it depends on the waxes).With the hot water, the wax will go back to the surface. In addition, the hot water will take off the wick.
  4. Use the hand or the back of the knife to cut the wax and remove it. Wipe with paper towels.
  5. Put the residue in a plastic bag if you want to reuse the wax.

Other techniques work

The melting in the double boiler

On the same principle as before, one melts in the double boiler and the wax is recovered (without burning).

The freezer

If there is little wax left in the container and the wick is not glued, you can put the candle in the freezer for a few hours. The wax will retract and peel off the edges. Besides touching with the finger, you will know when the wax is ready to be removed (it moves and jerks a little in the pot). Turn the jar over, the wax should fall. You can help him with a knife.

 In the oven

In an oven, preheated at 100 ° C, place your spark plug upside down on an aluminum foil-protected baking sheet. In about fifteen minutes, the wax will have melted and spilled onto the baking tray. Make a paper towel to remove all the trailing traces.

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