How Much Electricity does a Ceiling Fan Use?

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How Much Electricity does a Ceiling Fan Use –  Ceiling enthusiasts are most enjoyable and an exciting experience while coping up with extreme warmness. They’re the savior while the warmth turns up. However, it does now not come without a fee. Each ceiling fan consumes electricity relying upon its length, pace or version. Ceiling fans are the ones which might be switched on for the whole day. This indicates the electricity consumption is two times than the lights which might be switched on handiest inside the night time. But on a median, in line with hour, the ceiling fan can eat 10 to a hundred watts of your electricity costing you a whole lot higher than anticipated.

How Much Electricity does a Ceiling Fan Use
How Much Electricity does a Ceiling Fan Use

Purchasing a ceiling fan is the vital element for a person. However, at the same time as purchasing, we hardly anticipate the electricity a fan would devour and least bother about our strength payments. With the unit having all the information about it, you may effortlessly calculate the quantity you will need to pay just with the aid of the usage of the ceiling fan complete day for 12 months.

The watt intake by way of ceiling lovers

With a plethora of ceiling lovers to be had in the indian market, it becomes really tough to choose upon which fan could be more viable and feasible to you. Concerning electricity, an ordinary ceiling fan can eat 20-eighty watts in keeping with an hour. If you are the use of a power green ceiling fan, then your fan might be eating somewhere between 20-50 watts. But then they may be greater pricey in comparison to others. The high-efficiency models provide greater speed and offer efficient cooling at large areas for this reason eating extra electricity. The bee superstar rated ceiling enthusiasts, solar fanatics or green fanatics are a number of the alternatives which can save up your energy.


Curbing the electricity intake to shop the cost

The watt fed on by the ceiling fans cannot be cut down. However, we can observe certain steps on the way to help us to scale back on our strength payments.

  • One time investment in solar or electricity efficient ceiling lovers will lead to low consumption and bills all of the yr spherical. You could keep as much as rs 2000 according to 12 months by using energy big name rated fans.
  • Make certain to show off the fan when it isn’t required. Maintaining it on for no cause can add up to your bills.
    Setting your fan in the wrong vicinity additionally consumes more energy than wished as the rate could be required extra if it’s located wrongly.
  • Some of the lovers include anticlockwise rotation i.e. reverse mode which you can opt for in iciness season.
  • Have carrier and cleaning of the ceiling fan regularly so that it does not eat greater electricity.



Although ceiling fanatics are the great medium to remain cool and secure indoors in summer, there are some sensible methods which could assist in lowering the electricity fee. The out of doors weather, fan velocity, placement, version, etc. are a number of the elements which crank up your power payments and offers you a headache. – How Much Electricity does a Ceiling Fan Use

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