How to Fix Chipped Paint on Wall

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How to Fix Chipped Paint on Wall – In my workshop, I had glued two pieces of black contact paper to use as slate, but I had to remove it because it needed the white wall to make photos here Pro blog. When I took the paper, the painting ended up peeling at several points, so I had to fix the damage.

And of course, I will divide the experience with you, and take advantage of giving some hints that I acquired in practice, both to paint a wall and to fix a peeled paint, even if you’ve never done it before.

The state of the wall was pretty good, despite having peeled paint points; As the color of the ink was white, I could only notice if it was close enough to her.


How to Fix Chipped Paint on Wall

How to Fix Chipped Paint on Wall

The first Providence was to pass mass race in every place where there were holes of ink. For this, you need to use a metal spatula (not worth buying plastic) to apply the dough and smooth it afterward, as if you were decorating a cake with coverage.

Clicking on the photos will open magnified so you don’t lose any details.

It has no secret, just pass the dough and then pass the spatula to level the dough inside the imperfection and conceal the peeled paint.

And she stays that way like she’s a smudge on the wall. Nothing a hand of ink doesn’t hide afterward.

When you have passed the mass race in all defects, where the paint stripped, sand the whole wall. This will make sure that everything stays well nice and uniform and the finishing of the painting will look much prettier. I used wall sandpaper No. 220.

Finished the sanding step, pass a damp cloth with water across the wall, to remove the dust that stays. The dough loosens enough dust and it can impair the fixing of the ink on the wall.

Now comes the fun part: Paint! Dilute the ink according to the manufacturer’s instructions; Don’t put too much water in ‘ to surrender ‘ cause this is going to jeopardize the quality of the ink. Do the mixture on the tray, not inside the tin, unless you are sure you will use all that amount of ink on the wall.

Prefer to use a soft roller to paint large surfaces; but use a brush (can be a paintbrush) to paint the corners. First, you paint all the contour of the wall using the brush; Then, with the roller, paint the whole wall.

To facilitate, I gathered the main tips in a single photo; Pine using the Pinterest button on top of it or save the picture on your computer to check whenever you need:

And my wall is back to normal, after all. It doesn’t even look like she had the paint peeled one day!

More than close to you to see the finishing……

Don’t be afraid if your wall peels. Follow these tips, put your hand on the dough and fix the damage without silique or insecurity. With that, you do not only leave your house much prettier as it also saves a money for not needing to call manpower just for that! – How to Fix Chipped Paint on Wall

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