When Can I Put Furniture on Refinished Hardwood Floors

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One of the most common questions is that it gives me “How long does it take to repaint wooden floors? “Smart customers ask this question and plan ahead; Others do not perceive the time period and therefore need to postpone the project, as they did not plan well.

First, it all depends on the type of polyurethane that uses water-based polyurethane-based polyurethane oil (read this article for more information). The quick synopsis is that oil-based polyurethane takes longer and, more importantly, lasts longer (and more people prefer the appearance of poly-based oil and it is less expensive. So for these reasons, I think it’s usually great to leave enough time to make the oil-based polyurethane.


Oil-based polyurethane

In general, it will usually take 3-5 days to re-finish the hardwood floors with an oil-based polyurethane (+ drying time), slope if there is a stain / as the dark spot is / how wet it is and how many polyurethane coatings are applied. Often, when, natural (spotless), with 3 polyurethane coatings, can be made in 3 sequential days (allowing 24 hours for each coating to dry) when the weather is dry / not wet. Each layer of polyurethane usually takes 24 hours to dry and a stain will need 24 hours to dry… But if it is a darker spot, it may take 36 or even 48 hours for the stain to dry. So in the case of a dark spot you need 2 days to dry and if you apply 3 layers of poly, you are up to 5 days.

Most places can sand up to 1000 square feet per day, so if you have a large area (for example, 3,000 square feet), you can add up to 2 more days. Alternatively, sometimes we can fold into groups to reduce the elapsed time period.

Note that this general timeline can vary depending on many factors, including time (if wet, it will take longer for each layer to dry), wood species (pine and maple, often take longer and require a conditioner and a v Ez s even another stain coating), type of wood (e.g., fishbone and parquet can take longer) and if any other additional work is needed (e.g. repair work, steps, tearing carpets/strips/clamps, etc.).


The drying time after the floors are refinished:

After you have refinished your hardwood floors, you should wait before walking on them and/or moving (or returning the furniture). At a minimum, you should wait at least 24 hours before walking on the ground; For 24-48 hours, it is best to wear only socks (no shoes, no bare feet). Ideally, you should wait a total of 4 days before moving the furniture back. This is to give enough time for the soil to dry and heal. Can you move the furniture after 2 days? Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

As the repainting process takes a while and areas to be done and you can’t access these rooms/or furniture moving in (and because the process is a bit messy and smelly), most people choose to refinish their floors before they move in. (ideal) or another wait until they will be out on vacation (at least a week).

If you understand the process, you can plan ahead. We work with many new home buyers, and it’s great if you can pull out your jacket before closing, so you can get an estimate and plan for work to begin one or two days after closing. And, it’s critical that you plan ahead so there’s time after closing and before you need to move out. Evaluation, walk). Other times, the floor plans and square meter are enough to make an estimate. (It is ideal not to overload the real estate agent with additional trips). It’s unfortunate when someone calls me right after they closed and they tell me they need to move out just a few days later… It is generally not possible to do the work and allow the proper drying time. But if they had planned in advance, we might have been able to solve and save money.


Water-based Polyurethane

The biggest benefit of water-based polyurethane is that it dries faster. So, if you’re in a big hurry, sometimes this can solve your weather challenges. It usually takes only about 2 days to repaint wooden floors with water-based polyurethane. (Some places will do it in 1 day, but I would recommend staying away from these places… It will last longer if it allows more drying time, and each layer needs an additional 2-4 hours to dry.) Generally, you can move the furniture within 24 hours later with Water-based polyurethane.

As mentioned above, there are some other elements that can prolong the process (eg square footage, wood type, tear, repair work, etc.)


When Can I Put Furniture on Refinished Hardwood Floors?

On average, wait at least 24 hours before you can circulate lightly on your floor. However, if you have opted for varnishing with oil varnish, do not circulate on your newly restored floor for a period of 48 hours. Moreover, the high heels are to be avoided, especially during the duration of the cure of the varnish.

When Can I Put Furniture on Refinished Hardwood Floors
Refinished Hardwood Floors

Before placing the furniture permanently, wait a minimum of 72 hours. The coating must be completely dry before you can replace the furniture on it. If you doubt that the varnish is completely dry, wait a little longer to be sure not to spoil it. It is highly recommended to apply markers under types of furniture that will occasionally move, such as kitchen chairs or a coffee table. Go read our recommendations to find out what to do after the floor blasting work. You can also consult our tips to find a wealth of useful information to keep in mind in order to adequately preserve your hardwood flooring finish.



Plan ahead for your repainting project so you understand how long it will take and can consciously choose whether you want water-based oil or polyurethane, and so you can determine which contractor you want to work with (instead of being Forced to Contractor is available and what kind of polyurethane can meet your time frame.

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